And all of the things that we once said
They’re not in my heart, they’re in my head
That was the time to say goodbye
Let’s put it to rest yeah, let it die
You were a moment in life that comes and goes
A riddle, a rhyme that no one knows
A change of a heart, a twist of fate
Couldn’t fix it, it’s too late
Now it just don’t feel the same
I guess it’s over, yeah we’re done
Kodaline - Talk (via jessi-b)
You’re such an asshole
I hate you
You betray me you hurt me like its nothing fuck you look what you did to me
I tried I was willing to push my pain away to help you with your selfish needs
I’m in therapy because of you
I can’t even breathe because of what you did so fuck you
You broke me into millions of pieces
All I wanted was to love you but I can’t you hurt me so bad. Im going now goodbye
Words like venom
I spit at him. (via foreverwritteninstone)
I never sleep anymore. Not since you an those haunted eyes. I broke myself trying to piece you back together. And you left me with a million shattered pieces that I cut my hands on trying to glue myself back together. Lately I’m made of black eyeliner, Mary Jane, and scars on my wrists. I’m wide awake at all hours of the night and my anxiety eats me alive. I guess I can understand why you left when I can’t even handle being in my own skin half the time.
I hope you’re doing just fine (via norcal-nostalgia)